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Where can I report a suspicious / phishing / scam email?

Phishing is a cyber crime where criminals contact people by email, t...

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The dog next door is always barking, what can I do?

You could speak to your neighbour about the problem as they may not be aware it is happening. Unless there is any evidence of the dog being mistreated then the SSPCA will not be able to help. The noise could be classed as a noise nuisance so you......

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The noise from the pub next door is too loud what can I do?

The police do attend at incidents such as this however it may be necessary to contact your local Environmental Health Department if this is a persistent problem. All public houses and clubs are licensed by the local authority, so you should comp......

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There is a loud party going on next door, can the police do anything about it?

The police may attend at incidents such as this and can ask the organisers to turn the music down. The police also have powers to prosecute for noise nuisance in terms of Civic Government Scotland Act 1982 section 54 for persisting, to the annoyan......

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