Q116: Builders have left a skip on the road, what can I do?

All skips are registered with the local authority. If you contact the local authority they will be able to contact the company required to remove the skip.

The permission to place the skip could have conditions attached such as:

  • the siting of the skip;
  • its dimensions;
  • the making of it being visible;
  • the care and disposal of its contents;
  • the manner in which it is to be lighted or guarded; and
  • its removal at the end of the period of permission.

There are also conditions attached and the owner of the skip must ensure:

  • that the skip is illuminated during the hours of darkness (and if it must be marked under regulations that it is in fact marked),
  • that the skip is clearly and indelibly marked with the owners name and telephone number or address;
  • that the skip is removed as soon as practicable after it has been filled;
  • that the conditions subject to the permission being granted are complied with.

See website in related information for more details and for how to hire a skip.

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