Q203: What are fixed penalty tickets (in relation to driving offences)?

There are two types of fixed penalty tickets, endorsable and non-endorsable.

  • Endorsable tickets mean that you will get 3 points on your licence and a £100 fine (but be aware that is the penalty for the majority of tickets, there are a few variations where it is more, not having insurance is one example).
  • A non-endorsable ticket means that you will receive a £50 fine (some are higher) but do not get any points on your licence.
  • Certain parking offences are eligible for a £30 non-endorsable ticket.

It depends what offence has been committed as to which type of fixed penalty ticket you will receive. It is not automatic that you are given a fixed penalty ticket if you commit one of these offences, you could be prosecuted through the normal channels.

A few examples of endorsable and non endorsable tickets are -


  • speeding
  • going through a red light
  • using mobile phone whilst driving
  • pedestrian crossing offences
  • no insurance (£300 and 6 penalty points)


  • drive a vehicle with no MOT (£100)
  • fail to comply with a traffic sign, for example,
    • give way sign
    • roundabout sign
    • vehicle priority sign
  • give way road markings
  • failing to wear a seatbelt
  • parking offences (£30)

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