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    Q284: What is an anti social behaviour order?

    An Anti Social Behaviour Order (ASBO) is a community-based order that places restrictions upon a person. The restrictions are linked to the type of anti social behaviour that the person was committing. An ASBO is the final stage of the process. The first stage is a "good behaviour" contract, if this is not successful then a warning letter is sent. If this stage fails then it is for the court to decide if the behaviour warrants an ASBO. Breach of an ASBO could render the individual liable to imprisonment.

    For example, A is an alcoholic and every day frequents the village square and drinks alcohol and becomes rowdy and aggressive to passers by. If the first two stages have failed, then an ASBO could be granted to prohibit A from drinking in public and from causing harassment or being a nuisance and also create an exclusion zone that would prohibit him from entering the village square.

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