Q306: Where can I get some information about flooding?

The Environment Agency has a lot of information on flooding, including whether your home is at risk of flooding, how to prepare for a flood and up to date flood warnings. The information can be found at:


There is also a telephone number to ring: 0345 988 1188, which is a 24 hour service and will give you up to date information on flood warnings.

Some simple steps which the Environment Agency suggest to take which should help lessen the damage flooding can cause are:

  • Turn off gas, water and electricity supplies at mains.
  • Unplug all electrical items.
  • Move as much furniture and valuable items upstairs as possible.
  • For heavy furniture try and lift them off the floor using bricks or similar.
  • Use sandbags and sealant around doors and windows to try and stop water entering.
  • Take up carpet and rugs if possible and remove curtains or hang them over the rails to protect them

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