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    Q326: Do I need a certificate for an air weapon and why has this new legislation been introduced?

    The new law requires any person who possesses, purchases, uses, or acquires an air weapon to have a certificate to legally hold them. Please see Q236 for more details.

    The Scottish Government has long campaigned for the UK Government to review all firearms legislation, or to devolve responsibility for firearms legislation to the Scottish Parliament so that Scottish needs can be at the forefront of a distinct Scottish approach to regulating firearms within our communities. Following a recommendation by the Calman Commission in 2009, powers on air weapons were transferred via the Scotland Act 2012. The overarching policy objective of the new legislation is not to ban air weapons, but to ensure that only those people who have a legitimate reason for owning and using an air weapon should have access to them and that such persons are properly licensed.

    Please note that the air weapons certificate will cover all the air weapons held by the certificate holder.

    Please note that all calls to police involving firearms are treated as if it is a genuine firearm so be aware that if you do wave an imitation firearm around you could find yourself surrounded by firearms officers pointing real weapons at you.

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