Q332: Are there any exemptions to wearing a seatbelt?

The exemptions to wearing a seatbelt are:

  • A person who has a medical certificate, which states that on medical grounds it is not advisable for them to wear a seatbelt (including for pregnancy).
  • Drivers of vehicles performing manoeuvres which include reversing (three point turn). This includes a qualified driver supervising a learner driver performing manoeuvres including reversing.
  • Users of vehicles which have been adapted for the use of delivery of goods or mail to consumers or addressees, whilst engaged in making local rounds of deliveries (postman, milkman) as long as they do not drive for more than 50 metres.
  • A disabled person who is wearing a disabled person's belt.
  • A person driving a vehicle for fire and rescue or police purposes.
  • A licensed taxi whilst on duty.
  • A private hire driver whilst it is carrying passengers.
  • A person driving under a trade licence whilst driving the vehicle investigating or fixing a mechanical fault.
  • A person involved in a procession organised by or on behalf of the Crown.
  • A person conducting a test of competence as to whether wearing a seatbelt would endanger himself or any other person.
  • A person riding in a small or large bus which is being used to provide a local service in a built-up area (where the entire route consists of restricted roads); or
  • A person riding in a small or large bus which is constructed or adapted for the carriage of standing passengers and on which the operator permits standing.

Failure by any other person, who does not fit within these exemptions, will be liable for a fine.

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