Q361: Can my child use their electric scooter/go-ped/mini moto on the road or pavement?

Go peds (also known as buzz boards) are basically skate boards propelled by engines on the rear. The Department of Transport advises that these are classed as motor vehicles and will be liable to Vehicle Excise Duty (tax).

Some Electric scooters (even with seats, lights and indicators) and petrol driven skate boards which are being marketed as being capable of being used by persons over 14 do not fall within any particular category at the moment. To be safe, it is best to remember that anyone using a petrol engine or electrically powered scooter on the road must have a driving licence and third party insurance.

Mini motos are replicas of their real size counter parts but we are not aware of any that are road worthy, so they should not be used on the road or pavement.

The only place any of these machines can be used is on private land with the landowner's permission.

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