Q362: The police have removed my vehicle because I did not have any insurance or a driving licence, how do I get it back?

In order to get your vehicle released you must:

· Prove you are the registered keeper or the owner of the vehicle.
· Pay the charges for the removal and retention of the vehicle.
· Produce at the police station specified on the notice a valid certificate of insurance covering your use of the vehicle and a valid driving licence authorising you to drive the vehicle.

On some occasions the driver of a vehicle will be unable to satisfy the document requirements i.e. they will not have a valid driving licence or certificate of insurance. However, provided they can prove they are the registered keeper/owner and have paid the relevant fees they can nominate a third person to remove the vehicle. The third person must have a valid driving licence and a certificate of insurance covering that person to use the vehicle. The easiest way to show that you are the registered keeper of a vehicle is to produce your V5 registration document.

If you don't know how much the release fees will be for your vehicle you need to contact the police force that seized it, via the non-emergency 101 number, and clarify the matter with them.

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