Q386: What are the rules for parking a car at night?

Between sunset and sunrise all motor vehicles parked on a road must be parked with the nearside of the vehicle as near to the kerb as possible and the vehicle cannot be parked within 10m of a junction.

There are exceptions:

  • Parking on a one way street.
  • Vehicles dropping off or picking up passengers.
  • Vehicles connected with emergency services.
  • Vehicles connected with building work, repairs to road, cars, sewers, gas pipes etc.
  • If the road does not have a 30mph limit then parking lights must be used when parking a vehicle in the hours of darkness.

A heavy goods vehicle (over 7.5 tonnes) must be lit and must not cause an obstruction if parked on a road during the hours of darkness.

Failure to comply with these rules will lead to a fixed penalty notice being issued.

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