Q397: Can I carry a passenger on my motorbike and is there an age limit on being a pillion passenger?

In order to carry a passenger on a motorcycle:

  • the rider must have a full licence for that class of motor cycle;
  • a motor bike must be equipped with suitable supports or rests for the feet of the pillion passenger;
  • pillion passengers must be capable of sitting astride a proper seat securely fixed to the motorcycle and be able to hold on effectively;
  • a pillion passenger must wear a suitably constructed safety helmet;
  • and the decision to carry a passenger remains with the rider, who is legally responsible for ensuring that the passenger is safely supported.

Although there is currently no minimum legal age for a person to ride pillion, it is strongly advised that they have parental consent, wear a properly fitting and specially designed helmet, are able to reach the footrests and are able to hold on properly.

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