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    Q423: A door to door salesperson has offered me cheap car insurance. Should I accept the offer?

    Very few, if any of the insurance companies sell insurance door to door anymore. If a door to door salesperson offers you car insurance and it is significantly cheaper than any of the other quotes, then be aware. It is not advisable to obtain insurance from a door to door salesman at all, unless you can verify he/she does work for the company and the insurance is valid. You are advised to contact the company yourself to verify the salesperson's details. It is advisable not to use any telephone numbers supplied by the salesperson but to obtain the telephone number yourself.

    When you take out an insurance certificate you will receive a pack containing a policy booklet, schedule and the certificate and possibly other documentation. If the salesperson only gives you a certificate and a schedule then it is possible that it is not a genuine certificate and you will not have any insurance.

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