Q457: I think my child is a bully what can I do?

As unpleasant a thought as it is that your child could be a bully, you must deal with it. You need to speak to your child about it and also the school. It is important to remain calm whilst speaking to both your child and the school. Getting angry and shouting will only make matters worse.

There may be underlying causes for the bullying and the websites listed in the related information offer advice and help, not only for bullied children but also those who bully and for parents.

ParentLine Scotland is the national helpline and email service for any adult concerned about a child, for any problem, big or small, offering support, information and advice. They take calls from adults on a range of issues relating to children, and provide support including those calling with child protection concerns and callers who are victims of crime. Their number is 08000 28 22 33. Opening hours are 9am-10pm Monday to Friday and 12 noon to 8pm on weekends.

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