Q491: I keep getting pop up boxes that take me to websites with indecent images of children, what should I do?

Pop-up messages are caused by scripts buried in web-pages or are sent via the "Messenger" service. Preventative steps that you can take include:

Disabling the messenger service on your local workstation,

the use of anti-virus/firewall software that prevent pop-ups.

Below is some basic advice for preventing pop ups.

If using Windows XP (Service Pack 2):

  1. Open Internet Explorer,
  2. Click Tools,
  3. Click Internet Options,
  4. Select the privacy tab then tick the box saying : "Block pop-ups".

Below is some basic advice for what action to take when a pop-up is on your screen:

  1. Disconnect from the Internet,
  2. Bring up task manager,
  3. Right click the task bar itself (bar with start button on it),
  4. Select Task Manager from the context menu.
  5. Select the Applications tab,
  6. Right-click the pop-up window and all Internet Explorer applications (must be done one by one)
  7. Select End Task from the context menu.

If this does not remove the pop-up window then reboot your workstation.

If you have any serious concerns over indecent images of children then contact Police Scotland by dialling 101. Your internet ISP (service provider) will also offer advice, along with the Internet Watch Foundation - see website in related information.

Remember - If you know about a child who is in immediate risk or danger, dial 999.

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