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    Q507: Why do the Police Stop and Search people?

    Police Scotland uses Stop and Search as an operational policing tactic in the prevention, investigation and detection of crime, with the intention of keeping people safe and improving community wellbeing.
    Police Scotland recognises that stopping and searching members of the public is a significant intrusion into their personal liberty and privacy and is committed to ensuring that when it is necessary to stop and search a person it is carried out in a manner that is lawful, proportionate and accountable.
    Whilst carrying out the stop and search of a person, officers will act in accordance with the Code of Practice on the use of Stop and Search and Police Scotland's core values of fairness, integrity and respect. Police Scotland will ensure that an individual's rights are upheld in accordance with the Human Rights Act 1998 and the Equalities Act 2010.
    For more information visit Police Scotland's Stop and Search webpage .

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