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    Q529: What class of vehicle is a double cab pick up?

    Most double cab pick ups would fall into the class of dual purpose vehicle (examples of a double cab pick up are vehicles such as Mitsubishi Warrior and a Ford Ranger). A dual purpose vehicle is:

    • constructed/adapted for carriage of both passengers and goods;
    • a vehicle with an unladen weight not exceeding 2040kgs;
    • constructed/adapted that the driving power of the engine can be transmitted to all wheels; and
    • must have rigid roof, transverse passenger seats and rear windows amongst other things.

    With relation to speed limits dual purpose vehicles (not exceeding unladen weight of 3050kg or 8 passenger seats) have the speed limits as follows, (unless shown as restricted) are:

    • motorway 70mph.
    • dual carriageway 70mph.
    • single carriageway 60mph.

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