Q531: Does a provisional licence cover motorbikes if below 50cc?

If you have category "A" or "A1" on your provisional licence then your licence covers you to ride a motorcycle below 50cc subject to you successfully completing the Compulsory Basic Training Course (CBT). You then hold a CBT certificate for two years and display and comply with all provisional licence conditions, i.e. No passengers, L-plates displayed front and rear and cannot use the motorway.

If you have a Provisional car licence category "B" or "B1" which also gives you category "P", this covers mopeds, and mopeds are motorcycles but you cannot exceed 50km/h (30mph), if you have an internal combustion engine, must not exceed 50cc and if they were first used before 1st August 1977 must have pedals.

You will have to complete successfully a Compulsory Basic training Course before you can go on the road with L- plates and comply with the same conditions as above.

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