Q552: Have you got any tips for buying goods from the internet?

  • Always buy from a reputable site.
  • If using an internet auction site, check the seller's reputation.
  • If goods are advertised substantially cheaper than elsewhere then be careful as it may not be genuine.
  • Check terms and conditions, especially with regards to defects and refunds etc.
  • If buying from a private seller, make sure you have full contact details and not just email and mobile phone number.
  • Be wary of sending cash and money orders; if the price is over £100, consider using a credit card as you may be able to claim from the credit card company if things go wrong.
  • Make sure any website where you give your personal and credit card details is secure, i.e. a small padlock should appear at the bottom of the screen and the URL should read https:// (s for secure).
  • If buying something that appears too good to be true then BE WARY, as it most likely will be.

See the website in related information for more details and tips.

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