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    Q592: Have you got any tips for driving on the motorway?

    Top tips for motorway driving are:

    • Keep to the left except when overtaking.
    • Do not undertake.
    • Keep a safe distance behind the car in front; general advice is the 2 second rule. Watch for the car in front to pass a stationary object, then start counting. If you pass it before you have counted to two, you are too close.
    • Keep to speed limits.
    • Use mirrors, but beware of 'blind spots'.
    • Take regular breaks (every two hours at least).
    • Plan your journey; make sure you know which exit you need.
    • Make sure your tyres, petrol and windscreen wash are filled.
    • Always bear in mind the possible actions of other drivers.
    • Make preparations to leave the motorway in good time.
    • There is no such thing as a fast lane, the middle and offside lane are for overtaking only.

    For night time driving on the motorway:

    • Use dipped lights if there is oncoming traffic as a full beam will dazzle other drivers.
    • The night vision mode on rear view mirror will prevent you from being dazzled (small catch under mirror that tilts it slightly)
    • The cats eyes on the edge of the motorway change colour as follows:
      • red - edge of near side lane
      • amber - edge of outside lane
      • white - the separation of the lanes
      • green - slip road, exit and entry

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