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    Q593: What should I do if I break down on the motorway?

    This is only based as a guide and common sense should be used at all times. The main issue to consider is the safety of you and your passengers.

    • If you can, drive to the next exit and leave the motorway; Only in an emergency should you pull onto the hard shoulder, making sure you are as far left as possible.
    • Switch on your hazard lights.
    • Get out of your car from the passenger side.
    • Walk up the verge away from the car.
    • Do not attempt to do any repairs yourself, however simple.
    • If possible use an emergency phone on the motorway as this is a free phone that connects to the police. If you do use your mobile phone make sure you know exactly where you are.
    • Keep all children and animals under control.

    If you cannot get your vehicle to the hard shoulder:

    • Do not place any warning device (such as a warning triangle) in the carriageway.
    • Switch on your hazards.
    • Only leave the vehicle when it is safe to do so and you can get across the carriageway.

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