Q600: Can I drive my car without an MOT?

No, a car must be insured, taxed and have an MOT to be driven on the road. The penalty for driving a car without an MOT is a fine.

The most relevant exception to this is if you are driving your vehicle to and from a pre-arranged appointment for an MOT and you must take a direct route to the garage (but the vehicle must be insured). Although you must be aware that most failures of MOTs are offences in their own right so you may be committing other offences, for example defective tyres, brakes, lights, steering, horns etc.

However if you are stopped by the police on the way to or from the garage the onus is on you to prove that you had a pre-arranged appointment. Where possible it is always advisable to book your car in for an MOT in good time.

There are one or two other very minor exceptions in addition to the above but they do not really apply to the ordinary car driver.

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