Q603: I am the victim of a crime that has happened abroad. What do I do?

This question is relevant whether you live in the UK and are a victim of crime elsewhere or whether you live in other parts of the world and believe you are a victim of a crime committed in the UK.

You need to make a report to the police in your own country. You should not make the report direct to the police in the country where you think the crime has happened as the request must be from a recognised law enforcement authority.

Depending on the type of crime it may be that the actual offence has happened in your country but the suspect lives in another country. There are official procedures that must be followed when investigating international crime which mean that you must report the matter to your local police/law enforcement agency first.

If the crime is theft, criminal damage, theft from motor vehicle, vandalism or hate crime or incident and you are certain that it has happened in the United Kingdom then you can report the crime on line, see the website in related information.

If you are still in the country where the crime occurred then you should make a report to the local police. It is only when you are not in the country where the crime occurred that the above applies.

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