Q648: Is it an offence not to carry all relevant documents when driving so they can be produced for a police officer upon request?

It is an offence not to produce your driving licence, certificate of insurance and MOT certificate when requested to do so by a police officer. However the usual action is that the police officer will issue a HO/RT1 form requiring you to produce the documents at a police station of your choice within 7 days. If this is done and they are in order, then that is the end of the matter.

If you do not produce your documents you will be reported for failing to have the documents at the time of the request for production (so that extra time is not spent re-visiting you at home if you do not produce). If you fail to produce the documents within the 7 day period or they are not in order, you will be reported to the Procurator Fiscal and may be cited to attend court.

From a crime prevention point of view it is better never to leave your driving documents in your car and produce them within the 7 day period.

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