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    Q78: Can I put barbed/razor wire/broken glass on the top of my fence to stop people getting in?

    Using barbed/razor wire and broken glass in order to stop people getting in to your home is not advisable. You are making yourself liable to civil action as you have a duty of care to ensure that visitors to your property are reasonably safe. As absurd as it may seem you also have a lower duty of care to trespassers.

    Depending on the circumstances this could also amount to the crime of culpable and reckless conduct.

    The use of such a preventative measure could also be seen as being detrimental to the neighbourhood.

    Using other methods of crime prevention such as trellis fencing and defensible planting is often more effective and pleasant to look at.

    Trellis fencing is effective because it increases the height of the boundary and it is not usually strong enough to hold an intruders weight and they will not want to risk climbing over it, breaking it and making a loud noise.

    Prickly plants such as Hawthorne, Poncira, Pyracantha (rapid growth), Rosa rugosa, or any kind of Berberis are an effective obstacle against possible intruders and much more pleasant to look at.

    Whatever method you use it is important to ensure that you have planning permission (if it is required) and you do not leave yourself open to civil proceedings. Please see websites in related information for more detail or contact your local crime prevention/reduction officer.

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