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    Q79: What are the best types of locks to have on my doors and windows?

    Most insurance companies would prefer a five-lever mortice dead lock (BS3621) on all doors and key operated locks on all windows.

    Extra locks should be placed on all French doors and patios, as they are particularly vulnerable. For patio doors (if the doors don't have them already, most new doors have them fitted) anti lift devices are available and extra bolt locks should be added at the top and bottom of the door.

    French doors should have a five lever mortice dead lock and also extra bolt locks at the top and the bottom of the door.

    It is not advisable to have a key cabinet in your house, as any intruder will know exactly where to go to get the keys for the back door, the garage, the car, that treasured motor bike. The keys for the windows and doors should be preferably kept out of view but in a place that is easily accessible.

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