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    Q84: Do you have any general advice to make my house more secure?

    There are several other websites which give more precise advice regarding protective security in relation to the home, and your local crime prevention officer would also be available to advise you. The following points will be of general assistance -

    • A burglar alarm is obviously highly recommended to make your house more secure.
    • Windows and doors with a key operated lock on them.
    • Lights on timer when you are out in the evening.
    • Tell a trusted neighbour if you are going away, who can perhaps draw the curtains on an evening and remember to cancel milk and newspapers.
    • Do not leave windows open if you are out, no matter how small.
    • Have a chain and peep hole on the front door.
    • Fit a restrictor to your letterbox to prevent people putting their hands through the letterbox to retrieve mail or open any locks on the door.
    • Make sure your garden shed is adequately secure.
    • Always keep doors locked even when in the house; an intruder can open the front door and grab your keys/handbag in a matter of seconds.
    • All keys should be kept out of view but in an easily accessible place.

    See www.immobilise.com which is a free website that you can use to register any property that has a serial number.

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