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    Q963: Can learner drivers take driving lessons on a motorway?

    Learner drivers can take motorway driving lessons with an approved driving instructor on motorways in England, Scotland and Wales.

    In order to do this learner drivers must be:

    • accompanied by an approved driving instructor
    • driving a car fitted with dual controls
    • the vehicle must display L-plates to the front and rear

    Motorways lessons are voluntary - it will be a matter for a driving instructor to decide when the learner driver is competent enough to undertake lessons on a motorway.

    It should be noted that:

    • This only applies to learner drivers of cars - learner motorcyclists are not allowed on motorways.
    • Trainee driving instructors are not allowed to take learner drivers on the motorway.
    • Motorway driving is not currently part of the driving test.

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