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Ask the Scottish Police App

The Ask Police Scotland app is intended to provide the general public with information on a wide range of non--emergency 'policing' issues at a time to suit them.

The app contains accurate, legally verified answers to over 750 of the questions most frequently asked by the public across Scotland. Questions and answers are added and updated frequently. Question of the Day and Latest News features provide topical information.



Motoring & The Law App

This new concept, created by PNLD CIO with the support of the Cabinet Office "Good Law" team and partially funded by the Home Office.

Created in an effort to make law more accessible and simpler to understand.

Combines the best of both of our existing services Ask the Police and PNLD.

It provides the answers to over 200 road traffic related questions enhanced by appropriate legal content and knowledge acquired by PNLD over the last 20 years.

Answers are supported by cases, legislation and details of penalties and points to prove where offences are involved.

There is the ability to email our Legal Team for more information if required.

In simple terms this app will answer everyday questions from basic motoring issues to those of a more complex nature.


Ask The Police App

A free to access online resource of Q&A's that respond to the general public's most frequently asked policing questions. Offers an alternative method, reducing calls to the police, freeing up resources and saving money.

Over 800 questions and answers, guidance and advice on crime or legal related issues with national links to relevant organisations.

PLUS the facility to email a question directly.


Help for Victims App

A free to access online resource that provides collective information for victims and witnesses and offers professional support and advice for those affected by crime.

Over 400 Q&A's on how victims and witnesses should be treated within the criminal justice system with links to national supporting organisations.

Plus the facility to email a questions or contact Victim Support directly. Information and answers are provided by experienced professionals in the victim support field and this website is completely anonymous.


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