FAQ help

Here are some helpful hints about navigating the FAQ site. This is set out in 3 stages,

  • Stage 1 finding the question you want
  • Stage 2 the question and answer page
  • Stage 3 additional features

There are two ways of searching the site, by A-Z and through a normal search facility.

By A-Z
Click on the letter of your choice and a list of categories will display

e.g. by selecting C,

Child employment
Civil disputes etc

will be displayed. Click on the category you want and a list of questions related to that category will appear

e.g. Cats

I have lost my cat what can I do?
A neighbour 's dog has attacked my cat can the police do anything?
I have knocked a cat over, what do I do?

Then selected the desired question.

By searching
There are two separate search functions:

At the very top of the screen, in the centre, there is a search button. Click on it.

This will take you to the search screen. Type a key word in the "full text" box. A list of questions in which that word has been used will be displayed. Select the question you require.

e.g. By typing cat in the full text box, a list of questions will appear.

I have lost my cat what can I do?
I have knocked a cat over, what do I do?
A neighbour's dog has attacked my cat can the police do anything?

Alternatively if you know the question number you can enter that in the appropriate box and it will find the relevant question,

e.g. type in Q308

On the top right of the screen there is a quick search facility. This can be used as above for words or question numbers, then just click on the 'Go' button..

Now that you have found the question for which you are looking, Click on it.

This will take you to the question page.

You will see the question and underneath there will be an answer. The answer will provide you with the information you require. This database provides general information and although the information is correct at the time of writing if you have a legal problem you should always seek the advice of a solicitor or the police.

There is an opportunity for you to rate the information given on the page by selecting a number of stars, we would greatly appreciate you taking a couple of seconds in order to do this.

To the right of the question there is related information, in this box you will related websites and questions, which you may find useful.

There is also a facility to print the page, which is printer friendly and only prints the question and answer.

You can email the page if you feel that someone else might be interested in the information.

There are additional features on the database,

  • If you cannot find the question you are looking for then you can email us with your question.
  • Latest news, this is a snippet of the latest news which is changed regularly.
  • A banner which tells you about new questions and changes to older material. The banner will rotate through all the headlines. You can pause, fast forward , rewind or just play the banner in order to view the information.
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